Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the most ancient dice games in China which recently got popular in Montreal. It is still liked in many of the South East Asian countries usually known as the big ones and the small ones. It is an interesting and easy plaid casino game. It holds options between 150 to1.

How to Play?

Online Sic Bo is played with three dice layout. Sic Bo's betting options for are decided by the different combinations of the results of three dices available. The gamblers can try as many dice combinations they desire in each game. The dices are shaken and thrown down by the casino dealer himself.

How to Win?

The previous section signifies that online Sic Bo is mainly dependant on luck. There is no particular strategy or trick to win Sic Bo. After all the bets are placed by different gamblers, the dealer switches the dice shaker. The combination of all three dices is shown on the display. If the combination is not according to the bet made, the dealer removes all the loosing bets and continues to play with the winners.

Types of placing bets in Sic Bo

8 different types of bets that can be placed in Sic Bo:

  • In 'three of a kind' bet, the gambler can place bet on any of the three dices. In this case the gambler has very less chances of winning. Three dices offer 216 different combinations.
  • In 'two of a kind' bet, the gambler can place bet on any of the two dices. This way holds 12 different ways of making a combination but the chances of winning in this type are also less.
  • In 'any three of a kind' type, the gambler can bet on the same numbers from 1 to 6 that appears on all three dices. It pays 24 to 1 and the chances of winning are relatively higher.
  • In 'small' type, the gambler bets that the combination of three dices will be equal to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 discarding all 'three of a kind' .
  • In 'big' type of Sic Bo bet, the gambler pays more money than small and the bet signifies that the combination of the three dices will be equal to 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 discarding 'three of a kind'.
  • In 'sum' type, the gambler bets on the layout of wide area consisting of the numbers 4 to 17.
  • Duo' pays from 5to1 and this bet is placed in two numbers.
  • In 'one of a kind' the bet is placed using a single number.